Thursday, September 24, 2009

Whole Food Snacks

The carrot cookies are on the left, candy in the middle, and the cranberry cookies on the right.
The cranberry cookies are very good! I need to really modify the carrot cookie recipe, adding bananas didn't really help anything. They aren't bad though. The candy tastes best when coated in coconut. The resulting flavor reminds me of a Cadbury egg.

Here are the cranberry cookies before dehydrating.

1c chopped carrots
1 apple
3/4c ground flax
1/2c fresh or frozen cranberries ( I let frozen berries thaw in the fridge before using)
1c nuts or seeds (I used half walnuts, half almonds)
1/2T coconut oil
1/2t apple cider vinegar or 1T lemon juice
1/4c honey
1c raisins
salt to taste
Chop apples and carrots until fine in food processor. Add nuts and pulse that until combined. Add the remaining ingredients except raisins. Pulse until completely combined. You can leave small chucks of cranberries. Mix in the raisins by hand. I then used a cookie scoop to put the mixture on the teflex sheets, it worked really well. Dehydrate for 12 hours, flip the scones over 3/4 way through the 12 hours. The end result with be moist in the center with a chewy/crunchy exterior.

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