Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Strawberry Crumble, Salad and Buckwheat

Today is my day off, so I'm very happy.
I spent my morning making goodies.

While I made the snacks I listened to pandora.com radio, its free. Check it out, I love it! Also you can find free music at myplay.com.

On to the FOOD
First up is a Strawberry Crumble.
I took 2 pints of strawberries, sliced them and put them in the dehydrator with 1 T honey and lemon juice. Then I made a Cashew Creme with 1/2c soaked cashews, 2 dates and 1/4c water. The crumble on the strawberries consisted of 1/2c pumpkin seeds, 1/2c buckwheat (soaked and dried), 1/3c walnuts, 6-8 dates, salt and vanilla.

This was DELICIOUS, yummmmmmmmmm STRAWBERRIES.

Next was Buckwheat Balls
I took 1/2c buckwheat, 1/2c pumpkin seeds,
6-8 dates, 1T water, cinnamon, salt and vanilla. I made these because coconut butter is expensive and I need to stop using so much of it. Really, its just ridiculous, honey too!

Look at all the buckwheat I soaked and dehydrated! Buckwheat is cheap, yay!

Getting the buckwheat off the trays is NOT easy, it goes everywhere!

Last I made my lunch and dinner for a few days. I like this because its cool and refreshing, easy to chew and you can fit in a lot of greens into your diet by doing this. When I eat this I usually put some chopped avocado on top.
This time I threw in some carrots, celery and 1 head of romaine in the processor.

That's all for now, talk to you later. Have a good Tuesday!

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  1. Hey, Val- I saw your post over on GoneRaw, so I came on over!

    Here's a tip for ya- when I do buckwheat, I slip a teflex sheet under the mesh sheet (after they are dry!), that way you can pick up both sheets together, by the ends - making a u shape, and pour them off!

    Oh yeah, and to answer your question over on GoneRaw: Yep- I have a blog: EasyRaw. Just click on my name, here.