Monday, October 5, 2009

First Taste of Cooked Food in 6 Months

Last night I went out to dinner with my parents. It was a very nice, upscale restaurant on the water. It was pricey, but I felt I deserved it. Not so much the food, but the atmosphere. I ordered mushroom ravioli with fresh arugula, and mushrooms in a broth. And yes, I ordered dessert. creme brulee.

When I was a cooked foodie, creme brulee, plus tirimisu was my favorite dessert. I know that these foods are full of bad things, but once in a while is not going to hurt, (cough) much. Yes I didn't feel great after, but lately I haven't been feeling great in general.

The whole experience was wonderful. As a child I cherished the moments of our family dinning out. Even if we ordered pizza in, I loved it. Being raw I have really missed this. The feeling of togetherness, having someone wait on you, trying something new and tasty, and you don't have to do the cooking or clean up! I don't live by a raw restaurant by the way.

Tonight, my dinner consisted of a carrot, apple, spinach, collard green juice and a BAKED sweet potato. Its getting cold out and I was craving one. I repeat, this will not hurt me. Well, actually, if I think about it, some cooked foods, nuts and seeds not sprouted make your body acidic. I don't know about a sweet potato though. Does all this sudden cooked food mean my raw diet is over? No, absolutely not, infact, I am thinking about going on a juice fast, I just have to research that a little more. I haven't confessed this to anyone yet, but I consume popcorn once a week. I pop it my self and add olive oil to it. I KNOW it isn't good, but I'm having a hard time giving that super delicious treat, up. Boy, did I struggle when it was time to give up peanuts, this will be the same kind of battle. Confessions are over, thanks for reading. I appreciate all of you, reading my blog and all, leaving a comment once in a while. Thank you

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  1. Hey there,

    I would just like to point out that cooked food is not going to hurt you :) so do not feel guilty about it. Especially during the winter when the body is looking for comfort in warming foods. Just make sure they are not over cooked and they you are eating them in the right combinations. In addition, a little acid-forming foods are o.k. We just need to maintain balance and strive for a more alkaline diet- which it sounds like you are doing.
    Popcorn on the other hand is very hard to digest... so I would recommend trading that snack in for something a little bit more digest-friendly. How about kamut puffs with a drizzle of olive oil and sea salt? That's much more easy to digest.

    I totally understand the whole not feeling connected with family... which is why cooked veggies brings everyone together. It is so easy to go out to a restaurant and order a salad and then a plate of steamed or grilled veggies.

    Best of luck!