Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my blog. I live in a small town in the Pacific Northwest. Its a small town on the water with gorgeous views and Victorian homes from the 1800s.

This blog is about me, raw food and my Australian Terrier, Bella.
Today I was up by 6:00 and out the door by 6:30 for a dog walk. I love the early morning walks with the crisp, fresh air, and don't forget the beautiful sunrise! We have been having glorious weather here in PT this week.

After the walk I did some stretching and yoga, showered and then spent the remaining of my morning preparing some of my favorite raw dishes.

Yesterday I went blackberry picking with my mom and I froze them for my green smoothies.

These are flax balls, a recipe of my own.
I eat these for snacks, dessert or anytime!

Take an equal amount of coconut oil, almond butter, and honey. Add a dash of salt and vanilla. Mix well, then add whatever you want. You can make a buckwheat version with sprouted, dehydrated buckwheat. Ground flax, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, dried coconut, just enough to create a stiff batter. Then proceed to roll into balls, press into a pan or do what I did and use a cookie scoop. Store and eat them right out of the freezer.

Flax Balls
1/3c almond butter
1/3c coconut oil
1/3c honey
1t vanilla
pinch of salt
2-3c gr flax, hemp seed, buckwheat etc.

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